Our Products

Thanks to our many years’ experience in this production sector, we are able to offer the most suitable solutions for the manufacture of extruders’ worm screws and barrels to be used in the different market sectors for the construction of single-screw-extruders, twin-screw-extruders, extruders with co-rotating, counter-rotating and conical screws and barrels. Furthermore we are able to offer you different solutions with regard to construction materials and for any required covering materials, without any particular limits concerning screw max. diameter and length, to maximum of 7 meters. Our end products are always of a maximum quality level and are accompanied with a proper technical documentation, which certifies the reliability of the manufacturing process, the quality of the steel employed, of the heat treatment (in atmosphere, vacuum or ionic ones) and of the inspection surveys, which are carried out during and after the construction cycle.

Co-rotating Twin Screw

The sectioned screws can be produced following most assembly systems, such as through cotter key, broached, or hexagon bar, in nitrided steel or in fully hardened steel. Our long experience allows us to absolutely control the screw pro le in order to obtain the maximum self-cleaning effect.
The barrels can be build up with modular sections with internal circulation of the cooling liquid and with interchangeable bimetallic liners.

Counter-Rotating Twin Screws

We can build twin screws with different profiles, among these the variable-pitch thread. We are particularly specialised in the manufacture of conical twin screws. Also in case of twin screws, we can carry out the coating of the flight crests.
We also produce twin bore cylinders, both parallel and conical, which can be delivered with their full equipment, e.g. flanges and installation of cooling pipes.

Single Screws

We manufacture screws with different profiles and mixing systems, from the traditional decanting worms to the mixers
of Maddock type.
We can also carry out the coating of screws with different materials, like Stellite, Colmonoy or any other kind of material which might be requested by the manufacturers of the machines according to how the screws will be used. We can also deliver special barrels constructed of bimetallic materials.

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