Experience, technical capability and high innovation

Investments plans for a constant technological growth and expansion aiming at equipment renewal and research development to improve the quality standard represent our company’s strategy.

1. Turning

Turning with CNC lathes, up to 7 meters length and 700mm diameter.

1 Lathe Doosan Puma 400 XL CNC
1 Lathe AVM Angelini Snupy CNC
2 Lathes Est Ticino ET 420

2. Screw Cutting

Milling – five-axis thread, up to 7 meters length and 500mm diameter.
Possibility of different milling methods: Whirling, circumferential and end milling for the realization of the most varied and complex screw profiles.

2 Milling centers Weingärtner Pick-Up 500/7000 CNC
1 Threading Wanderer GF 324 CNC

3. Deep Hole Boring, Honing

Deep hole boring and honing up to 5 meters with rotating workpiece for the manufacturing of “single hole” and “twin holes” barrels.

1 Deep hole boring Giana TB 1000
1 Honing EffeCiEmme Levor 4000

4. Milling

Milling barrels and modular barrels with five-axis milling center up to 5 meters length.

1 Milling center CB Ferrari S630 CNC

5. Grinding

Grinding screws, shaft up to 7 meters and 600mm diameter.
Finishing plans of co-rotating screw elements and modular barrels up height 600mm.
Possibility of straightening.

1 Grinding Gioria RUS 7000
1 Grinding Cometa HSP 4000
1 Horizontal-spindle grinding machine Rosa Steel CNC
1 Hydraulic press Musso

6. Hobbing

Manufacturing of special shafts for co-rotating screws using hobbing method.
Manufacturing of classic shafts for connection to the gear box.

1 Machine Hurth LKF33
1 Machine Heckert ZFWVG 250
1 Machine Isofil 111

7. Polishing, Adjustment

Polishing tape and cloth for screws, screw elements, screw conveyors.
Possibility of disassembling and assembling co-rotating twin screws, assembly modular barrels.

2 Lathes polishers
1 Hydraulic disassembly press

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